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Meet the Stinger! A Retractable AR Bayonet Spike – SHOT Show 2018

by S.H. BLANNELBERRY  |  Published on January 25, 2018

In the running for coolest product I’ve seen at SHOT Show 2018 is the Stinger from American Defense Innovations. This wickedly-wonderful accessory for AR-pattern rifles is a retractable bayonet spike!

As of now, I have more questions than answers as it relates to the patent-pending Stinger. Talking with ADI Co-Founder Mike Conti it’s clear that his team is still making decisions on what materials to use for the final production version.

The test sample at SHOT had an aluminum sleeve and a cheap blade steel. That’s going to change when they roll them out in the Spring. Mike said he’ll probably switch to a polymer-type sleeve over the aluminum. Makes sense. The polymer will help to lighten the load. As for blade steel, he is looking at various high-performance and corrosion resistant options. Something in the stainless variety, perhaps.

In terms of the overall length of the Stinger, that seems to be up in the air as well. I’m assuming down the line they’ll probably make smaller versions as well. But first things first is getting this first gen out the door.

Operationally, it’s simple. The Stinger mounts to any Picatinny rail system. The blade is deployed with the press of the button, which is positioned at the base of the sleeve. This means that the Stinger works for both righties and lefties. When the button is engaged, the user slides the blade forward via the handguard, sorta like pumping a shotgun. The blade is locked into place until the button is pressed again. Easy.

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