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Why the Australian gun ban would fail miserably in the United States

by Brandon Morse |  |  Published on November 16, 2016

If there’s one drum the anti-gun lobby likes to beat it’s the upholding of the Australian gun ban as the ultimate example of how gun control should be done. It’s often celebrated as proof that gun control really does work, and society benefits greatly by a mass confiscation. This has been contested, and even disproved, yet gun control advocates still point to it as a how-to.

But to further hammer nails into the Australian gun model’s coffin, Prager U has recently released a video that moves the idea further into the “no” column.

Fordham University professor at law Nicholas Johnson explains just how impossible it would be to kick guns to the proverbial curb in America due to several factors. For one, there are somewhere around 325 million firearms in America. No other country can claim this level of gun ownership, and any gun control model used by other countries would not be able to contend with the sheer magnitude of ownership in the states.

Furthermore, gun confiscation never works as it’s intended, as only a third of citizens typically obey the mandate. Studies show that once these guns are banned, many will flood into the black market. This would make background checks — a measure we’re often told is important, and needs expansion — completely irrelevant. In America’s case, the amount of guns in the black market will rise by tens of millions.

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