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Bill Would Block ‘Religious Registry’ But Would Do Nothing About Guns?

by Dave Workman | The Gun Mag  |  Published on December 28, 2016

Washington Congresswoman Suzan DelBene has introduced legislation that would prohibit the government from “creating religious registries” in response to an alleged proposal from President-elect Donald Trump about “the noxious concept of a registry.”

The Seattle Times supported DelBene’s plan in an editorial, observing, “Today it’s Muslims but tomorrow it could be Evangelicals, Catholics or Mormons, if this became a country where presidents choose which religions can be practiced freely and which must be monitored like a dangerous dog.”

But Second Amendment advocates wonder whether DelBene and the newspaper’s editorial board would also oppose establishing any kind of gun registration system?

The newspaper’s past editorial support for two invasive gun control measures has not been lost on that have been passed in the Evergreen State, not to mention DelBene’s liberal Democrat credentials. In particular, Initiative 594, passed in 2014, requires background checks for all firearms transfers, even private party transfers, including loans of firearms, and the return of those guns to their rightful owners. Since this creates a paper trail of who has what firearm, there is a legitimate argument that this is creating a de facto registry of gun owners.

That becomes more important when one reads a piece in the Los Angeles Times that claims half of the guns in this country are owned by only three percent of the adults, according to a study by Harvard Public Health researchers. That study reportedly says that the percentage of Americans who own guns has fallen from 25 percent to 22 percent over the past two decades.

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