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Politicians and Protesters aren’t the only threat to the 2nd Amendment.

While California, Chicago, New Jersey, Washington and Oregon make ridiculous laws regarding firearms, groups like Moms Demand Action march with their picket signs against firearms in the United States.

But there is another threat to Second Amendment advocates and the tools they so dearly cherish. The Main Stream Media.

How many times have we heard the droning banter of anti-gun media outlets? With so called “experts” on firearms using wrong terminology, false statistics and regurgitated rhetoric. I fully understand that using an ACTUAL firearms expert wouldn’t feed into the leftist medias socio-political agenda, and that is what the media has become; a tool for political agendas.

Let me give you an example. I have been a tactical firearm blogger for several years, and as such; was contacted by a local reporter for my expertise on the exploding target chemical tannerite. A firearm instructor, former Army Ammunition Specialist and Second Amendment blogger, I was clearly a valid resource to go to for this report.

I met with the reporter at the news station, and we talked for around thirty minutes, all the while his cameraman was filming. The reporter kept trying to steer the interview toward how tannerite could be used to make bombs for domestic terrorism. I continued to debunk everything the reporter was saying. He couldn’t grasp the concept that tannerite needed the kinetic energy of a fired round to detonate. The interview ended.

Later, I see the report, and not one iota of my interview was used. Instead, the reporter used a former employer of mine. A gun store owner, who knew absolutely nothing on the subject matter and is now going to jail for illegal firearm sales and ownership of unlicensed NFA weapons, and everything the now convict told the reporter played right into his political agenda.

Nothing the gun store owner said was true about tannerite, but the reporter didn’t care. He had a preconceived notion on the matter, and didn’t want to sway from his mind set. All too often, this is happening in the media today. Reporters are pushing ideologies instead of reporting the news.

Fox news is guilty of this as well. As Pro-Second Amendment as they are, their “experts” as of late, have been superiorly lack luster. Being an “NRA Member” isn’t exactly grounds for being an expert on all things firearm related. I have dozens upon dozens of friends in the Tactical/Firearm community that would be excellent experts to be utilized for ACTUAL facts regarding firearms, crime statistics and the Second Amendment lifestyle.

Sadly, they will never be used. They would only hinder the efforts of the media and their puppet masters. Free speech, The Right to Bear Arms, these are only the first Amendments to go. Once these two are gone, the rest will fall like dominos.

The main stream media is causing more damage in this country then it is good. Misinformation, false narratives; they are putting the very lives of our fellow Americans in jeopardy. Being a reporter used to mean something. It used to mean being held to a higher, non-biased stance and to just report the news. To keep the American people informed. Not to mold the news to your will and ambitions.

Without journalists that are willing to stand up and simply report the news without putting a political spin on it, our country, our 1st and 2nd Amendments rights will continuously be under attack. Mark Twain said it best, “It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled…”

I think the American people have been fooled for a very long time now, and the media is a major part of that scheme.

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