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Preparedness: Make A List And Be Sure To Check It Twice

by Cheryl Todd, Women’s Outdoor News  |  Published on December 22, 2016

We don’t often think of old Saint Nick as someone who practices preparedness, but consider this: He’s “making a list and checking it twice” and he’s “gonna find out who’s naughty and nice.” These are the elements of preparedness and situational awareness. We can all take a lesson from the jolly old elf. Bearing glad tidings may be your intent, but not everyone has quite the same spirit.

As a gift to yourself, check off this list and plan to enter the New Year by taking at least four new steps toward preparedness:

1. Mental Preparation. It’s been said that success is 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental. Santa surely has every chimney navigation pre-planned down to the millionth of a second, similar to how athletes train, as they envision scenarios they may encounter. A gymnast, for example, plays a mental movie of each step, each hand-hold, and each tuck and roll in the process of completing his or her routine. A clear mental picture emerges that can be played forward and backward, seamlessly planning each moment. This is done to reduce anxiety, to consider surprising events that might occur, and to plan for success

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Self-defense strategies are similar, in that we need to prepare for both known and unknown elements. We can sit in our homes and play scenarios of a home invasion wherein an intrusion comes from a variety of different doors and windows. But how do we prepare for an assault in a shopping mall, in a parking lot or while we are on vacation? One way is to make a habit of tuning in to the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast and Stop the Threat TV. Both of these shows take the listener and viewer through actual news stories of self-defense and offer play-by-play commentary from experts as they discuss each moment in terms of what went well and what could have been done more effectively. Watching these events offers a valuable glimpse into the tactics used by criminals, as well as a chance to witness times when would-be victims were able to successfully turn the tables on their attackers.

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